Women’s Collection

Body Temperature
(2 credit hours)

Bundle up with us as we discuss WHAT could be the underlying causes of being cold frequently and hot.

We dig down and talk about syndromes and organ systems as well as age groups that may be impacted more frequently.

We share with you how your “blood” is a key component of cold or hot issues.

Metabolic rate, Adrenal Dysfunction, Food Sensitivity and organ systems involved AND remedies/ solutions from several modalities and sources are trained.

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Female Hormones
(5 credit hours)

What will you learn:

How to use “at home” assessments to determine Endocrine disorders

How the liver is involved in hormone balancing as well as Iodine necessity for the cascade of estrogens to balance.

How the endocrine system- adrenals/thyroid/pancreas- all play a role in hormone balancing

Hormone Questionnaire – snapshot quiz- that can give you quick overview of what hormones are out of balance and HOW to bring them into balance.

The Emotion Commotion – what emotions are tied to female organs and how to balance these emotions.

Beyond… bio-identical hormone insertion but rather full body hormone balancing for good!

Thyroid Imbalances
(5 credit hours)

What will you learn:

Functional blood serum lab ranges and how these differ from conventional ranges when determining true thyroid issues. We talk freeT3, freeT4, TSH, TPO and more

Various thyroid dis-ease names and their Etiology, Physiology, Pathology and Psychology relationship

Thyroid, Parathyroid, Iodine levels and their connection to fertility and calcium balancing

We provide plenty of tools, therapies and clinic “at home” tests to support discovering the “underlying causes – think heavy metals and Lyme” and protocols for correction