Family Winter Collection

Coughs/ Colds/ Congestion
(3 credit hours)

Cover your mouth and join our Nurse Practitioner Debbie Evans as she discusses how to determine based on symptoms if it is a cold, the viral time frames or is it influenza.

We discuss “snot” colors and clinically how to determine when this matters.

Angie Ates- our founder- talks about how to use grandma’s remedies of Radishes, cloves and thyme to create your own homemade cough remedy.

This is a fun interactive module filled with loads of ‘clinical” pearls and remedies to support those findings.

(2 credit hours)

What you will learn:

Cozy up to our fireside chat with your cup of hot tea and enjoy the medical concepts integrated with holistic views.

You will identify the actions to take with a fever, how high is safe and what is the #1 need during a fever that will change the presentation and alleviate your concerns.

Further, we discuss the Oral and topical administration tips for Acute care with kids and so much more!

Note: Request CEU Certificate in Cart - Includes Emailed Completion Certificate (Add $27)

Flu / Viral Infections
(2 credit hours)

What will you learn:

How to determine if it is a Virus or Bacteria in nature and WHY does that matter.

How to support the immune system during “candy” season and just what is that anyway.

Learn the steps that the medical profession uses to determine type of flu and HOW they create the vaccines for the next year….very interesting.

When to refer out and utilize the medical profession for “stronger” care if needed.

Acute care remedies and therapies that are in your kitchen.

And prevention… prevention… prevention is the key