Beat Stress Techniques

Flower Remedies
(8 credit hours)

Where is Cheryl Brown? You will find her amongst the plants and the snow. You will be amused but find great value as she shows you how to create your own Flower Remedy.
Additionally, she trains you on how to utilize different flower remedies for self care as well as to be included in your wellness plans for others.

What will you learn:

How to classify the 7 emotional groups alongside their support remedy when creating a wellness plan.

Clinical use questionnaire to involve the client in their first step of emotional healing

At a glance body mapping with flower remedies

Symptoms and their remedy solutions…teeth grinding…lower back pain and more

Sound Therapy
(2 credit hours)

The history of SOUND therapy is 1000’s of years old and you will find its uses in religious ceremonies around the globe, among other applications.

World Renowned David Kennet trains you on the processes and how sounds impact our very organ systems. He further offers you, your very own “sound therapy” session via online video. Turn up the volume and embrace how this therapy will assist your clients in releasing emotional patterns.


Note: Request CEU Certificate in Cart - Includes Emailed Completion Certificate (Add $27)

Body Balancing/ Sequencing Tools
(8 credit hours)

This module is a jam-packed Potpourri of Body balancing techniques and modalities. You will definitely find one that aligns with your belief systems and step away with the knowledge to put it into action immediately.

Join Kari Solomon CAHP-BC as she walks you through HOW TO multiple methods of balancing and supporting the body. Here is just a snapshot of the wealth of information you will gain:

Blocked energy can be a major cause of many different imbalances in the body. Simple hands on techniques are an effective and inexpensive way to bring balance.

Body sequencing with “cables”- Ki method

Mind body protocol-Mind-body healing techniques are believed to help direct the
flow of energy in the body in a way that promotes well-being.

Trapped emotions- emotional release • Energy medicine

Scripts and reframing

Incoherence or Coherence

Grounding and centering-How to use coffee beans to ground

Asthma, heart attack and panic attack support techniques

Crystals, stones, gems and their balancing impact

And an UNedited video of “Laying on of hands” with our founder Angie Ates

(8 credit hours)

Take off your shoes and sit back as Emmanuelle Ruen-Hayes certified reflexologist from France empowers you with a technique that can be utilized on a daily basis. She goes beyond..massaging the feet but rather with purpose and “sequencing” she trains you on the effective way to use Reflexology.

Reflexology is locating “points” on the foot, ear, hand and when tied with Accupressure other locations one the body, and then applying pressure on these points. By doing this the pressure dissolves the toxin “deposits” and creates an electric impulse that reach the brain. The brain responds by physiological reactions throughout the body and that restores balance.

What will you learn:

6 different hand techniques, sequence and patterns

What points need stimulation to fix functional disorders. Functional disorders of the body are reflected on the foot/hand’s reflex zone.

Hand map, ear map, foot map and PTSD technique

10 zones map of the body, feet and hands

How to set up for a reflexology session.

Using flower remedies and essential oils for therapy