Serology / Functional
Lab Ranges

Functional Blood Panels
(20 credit hours)

Debbie Evans FNP-BC and Angie Ates CAHP-BC walk you through hours of “how to read” blood panels using Optimal ranges vs Regional Lab ranges. When you complete this module you will be on your way to Mastering the pattern relationships and how to view blood labs in a Functional theory.

What you will learn:

● Printable charts, templates and instructions sheets
● 4 quadrants of Functional “finding the cause” concepts
● Approaching the Functional Analysis with confidence
● GI Markers/ Thyroid Markers/ Kidney Markers/ Liver Markers and more
● Many “patterns” such as Intestinal Parasites Pattern
● Iron conversion problems and imbalances associated with this issue
● Clinical Signs and Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency
● Clinical Studies supporting various blood lab findings
● Scientific study-Effect of combination therapy when working with the Thyroid

IV Therapy
(1 credit hour)

What you will learn:

● What is IV Therapy and how does benefit the body
● What nutrients and combinations are typically used and why
● What conditions can be helped with IV therapy
● Using IV therapy vs Liposomals


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