Metabolic Conditions Collection

TOP 6 conditions

Blood Pressure
(2 credit hours)

What you will learn:

● Physiological function…Enzymatic Action, Biometrics and bio receptors and more of just how this system works.
● Scientific white papers on the use of Hibiscus tea and the TACT study results relating to the Blood pressure connection.
● Prescription drugs- ACE, Calcium Channel blockers and how they work.
● Remedies, tools and techniques to support the “underlying issues” of LOW and HIGH blood pressure
● The Emotional components are exposed with solutions offered for your success.

(3 credit hours)

What will you learn:

● LDL/HDL and fractionated ranges- The physiology of how and why we need it
● 80/20 cholesterol creation rule and liver involvement and WHY that matters to you
● Biochemical process of the conversion of carbohydrates and how that interrelates with Triglycerides and cholesterol impact.
● Lifestyle adjustments, Nutritional support, Supplements (homeopathics and more) and Emotional relationships , OH MY!

Blood Sugar Issues
(5 credit hours)

What will you learn:

● What and how do you use the Glycemic list foods
● Stevia…science behind those facts and stats….it’s a green leaf by the way not a white powder
● The Physiology of sugar regulation- understanding A1c, Insulin, Glucagon, blood glucose and more.
● The Water implication, the Metabolic syndrome, Adrenal/Cortisol axis imbalances and Glycemic crisis situations and more.
● Remedies, Therapies and Lifestyle adjustments to correct, balance and prevent this malady

GI Issues
(4 credit hours)

Join us as we detail the TOP Functional GI issues seen in our practices on a weekly basis. We discuss the causal impact and co morbidity syndromes that come alongside GI stress. We further train you on:

● What impacts digestive competency?
● The Gut-Brain connection and Transit time tools
● Human Microbiome project and the genetic mutations discovered
● The 5 gut types according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
● Remedies, protocols and repair techniques to ensure optimal health


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Heart & Circulation
(3 credit hours)

What will you learn:

● What really contributes to heart disease?
● The Heart Attack Application via using your hands as “jumper cables” to support during a heart attack.
● Etiology, Physiology, Pathology and Psychology of the entire Circulatory communication system. This takes in account all the organ systems and the intense emotional issues contributing to heart imbalances.
● Palpitations and what they really mean and the remedy for this imbalance.
● How our Electrical body plays a huge role in heart conditions.
● Nutritional and Ancillary suggestions that support heart conditions and WHY integrating these concepts are invaluable.

Thyroid Imbalances
(5 credit hours)

What will you learn:
● Functional blood serum lab ranges and how these differ from conventional ranges when determining true thyroid issues. We talk freeT3, freeT4, TSH, TPO and more
● Various thyroid dis-ease names and their Etiology, Physiology, Pathology and Psychology relationship
● Thyroid, Parathyroid, Iodine levels and their connection to fertility and calcium balancing
● We provide plenty of tools, therapies and clinic “at home” tests to support discovering the “underlying causes – think heavy metals and Lyme” and protocols for correction.