Male Collection

(3 credit hours)

What you will learn:

● LDL/HDL and fractionated ranges – The physiology of how and why we need it
● 80/20 cholesterol creation rule and liver involvement and WHY that matters to you
● Bio Chemical process of the conversion of carbohydrates and how that interrelates with Triglycerides and cholesterol impact.
● Lifestyle adjustments, Nutritional support, Supplements (homeopathics and more) and Emotional relationships…


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Gastrointestinal – GI Issues
(4 credit hours)

Join us as we detail the TOP Functional GI issues seen in our practices on a weekly basis. We discuss the causal impact and co morbidity syndromes that come alongside GI stress. We further train you on:

What you will learn:

● What impacts digestive competency?
● The Gut-Brain connection and Transit time tools
● Human Microbiome project and the genetic mutations discovered
● The 5 gut types according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
● Remedies, protocols and repair techniques to ensure optimal health.

Blood Pressure
(2 credit hours)

What will you learn:

What you will learn:

● Physiological function…Enzymatic Action, Biometrics and bio receptors and more of just how this system works.
● Scientific white papers on the use of Hibiscus tea and the TACT study results relating to the Blood pressure connection.
● Prescription drugs- ACE, Calcium Channel blockers and how they work.
● Remedies, tools and techniques to support the “underlying issues” of LOW and HIGH blood pressure
● The Emotional components are exposed with solutions offered for your success.

Male Hormones/ Imbalances
(3 credit hours)

● How to work with Males as they are the last one to admit needing help… debunk males issues
● Ages and developmental seasons from hormone stages, eating habits, growth spurts, mood issues, social pressures, prostate and more.
● “Angie in ur head” discusses remedies, therapies and life style adjustments thru educating and empowering the “male” spirit… all stages of life.

(2 credit hours)

● TOP Purine rich foods and how they impact the body
● The biochemical nature of how GOUT is a created inflammation within the body
● Acute care remedies… OTC and long term care plans to support the prevention of inflammation