Family Aromatherapist

This program is for you if you are new or newish to Aromatherapy, an enthusiastic home user or want a refresher in how to use Aromatherapy throughout the seasons. 

We delve into the understanding of what makes essential oils effective in all body systems including for emotions and even First Aid! 

This program does not promote any one particular brand or company. However, you can apply this knowledge to your favorite brand with EPIC results.

We provide you the building blocks of history, stimulate your mind with the many uses, all while offering an uncensored training on aromatic medicine. 

In these straightforward modules,  we passionately equip you with  1) why we use aromatherapy and 2) where we use it and 3) how we use it. 

For the science nerds”, we invite you to step into the fascinating study of chemistry (made easy). And for those needing more scientifically provenfacts and stats when engaging in those obnoxious “know it all” conversations, here ya go!

 Ultimately, if you are serious about learning how to implement Aromatherapy in your daily life, integrating with your clinic options, or successfully using it with your family, this is Your Program.  

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What’s included…

Module 1: Introduction and Chemistry of Essential Oils 

Module 2: Hydrocarbons and Isomers

Module 3: Chemistry and Quantum Physics Unite

Module 4: Aromatherapy for Emotional Healing 

Module 5: Aromatherapy and the Nervous System

Module 6: Aromatherapy, CNS, PNS and Muscles

Module 7: Aromatherapy, Chakras and TCM

Module 8: Aromatherapy and the Integumentary System

Module 9: Aromatherapy the Immune System and Digestion

Module 10: Aromatherapy and First Aid

Note: Request CEU Certificate in Cart - Includes Emailed Completion Certificate (Add $27)